When it comes to purchasing a brand new vehicle whether it is new or second hand, how long that car lasts depends greatly on the car detailing and car care products that the owner has in store for their new purchase. Read more about us. Most car owners who buy a new car usually only have the vehicle for a few years and generally are not too fussed about car detailing chores or having to protect paint with applied paint protection films which also assist greatly in the longevity of keeping a car looking great for many years. This video is an example of paint correction

Peter from Dr Buff detailers are a typical example of professionals in car care and appearance. Professional detailers like this are always learning and have a wealth of knowledge to offer customers who have just purchased a new vehicle in maintaining that new car shine for may years. Professional detailers don’t often come cheap but the results also and always speak for them selves. Look at this image below from a professional detailer in paint correction

Professional detailing

There is a vast difference between cheap car detailing and the results that are achieved purely from having invested time in proper car detailing or paint correction. Paint correction is always the art form or actually removing scratches from car paint which also includes swirl marks, bird etchings and other imperfections in auto paint. General car detailing is always usually a cover up in hiding damage from bad washing, scratches and so forth.

It’s primarily more so a service that you would use if you were selling a vehicle and needed to recoup the maximum possible money for your investment. Look at this image below from a car that has had cheap car detailing or poor detailing products used on it.

Swirl Marks On Car Paint

In most cases, once the vehicle is washed, all these swirl marks appear which are reminiscent of poor detailing products and car care used on a vehicle. Cheap detailers should stick purely only to cheap car dealers but when it comes to your own ride invest the money in making your car look like real gold. A cheap detail which can get you results like this can cost about 100 to 200 dollars, however, having said this, you are actually damaging your paint and also paying for it.

The BMW pictured above is around 800 to 1000 dollars but, look at the difference. One is instant garbage in results and the other one is instant car show material which is also a permanent fix. When you talk to most car detailers in Sydney, one of the most common comments you get is that most customers want to be able to remove swirl marks, scratches and so on but fail to realise that achieve this, it takes time and effort and this simply just can’t be covered in an hour or two which is where the 100-200 dollar detail usually comes from.

Detailing which involves paint correction and paint protection applications does consume in general most upwards of 800 dollars to achieve pristine results. When it comes to using cheap detailers who also use inferior products instead of name brand detailing products like Meguiars, Autoglym, Mothers and so on, the usual results is eventual paint failure. In most cases, cheap car care products usually do contain harmful ingredients which can actually be acidic in nature and in the long term destroys paint. Look at the image below. This is usually a result from poor car care where acidic products over time such as that used by car washes has eventually destroyed paint surfaces on this paint

Faded Car PaintPaint restoration procedures that will remove heavy swirl marks take highly professional products to achieve in doing this. These are car detailing products which do cost a lot of money and also have to be charged at a premium in order for these products to be used.

It’s merely impossible to achieve professional detailing results and be able to achieve the ability to remove swirl marks, bird etchings, scratches and other paint imperfections by using inferior products as that of car washes and so on. If you truly desire professional results , then you really need to get serious with the products you use and also the detailer you use to achieve those results.

The car polishing products used today as of those compared to twenty years ago has changed so much. These days, professional polishing compounds use either diminishing abrasives which finish off to a polish or micro abrasive technology which just keeps cutting with very tiny cutting particles that don’t break down. Technology of yesteryear is very much gone and really, the only companies that still provide these products are companies that wish to sell cheap products to detailers who also still utilise these cheap detailing products.

These are the guys to keep away from. Typical outlets that still use these products are more or less car washes and, car washes of any kind. Whether manual washes, automatic or service station related, you need to keep away from car washes if you really want to keep that shine lasting on your car for a very long time.  Not sure ? Call Peter today


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